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For over 15 years we have had the privilege of enjoying farm raised meat, first for our growing family and now, honorably, for our clients & their families. We take pride in sharing that all of our animals are born & raised here at Windy Hill Farms!  Now more than ever it is important to know where your food comes from and what better place than a local family run farm.

  • We do not use any growth hormones on any of our animals.

  • All of our animals live their entire lives on our farm.

  • We do not use antibiotics as part of our standard feeding regimen.

  • We are a "mixed powered" farm.  Blending contemporary agricultural machinery with traditional horse power.

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1.  Click "LOG IN" at the top right hand corner of the home page.  Enter your email address & a password.  For returning customers, choose "log in" at the bottom of the "Sign-Up" page.


2.  Click "OUR PRODUCTS" from the menu at the top and choose from the drop down options.


3.  To add an item to your cart:  simply click on the product you want, choose the correct quantity, then click "Add To Cart" to the right of the image.  View the items in your cart by clicking on the gray bell symbol located in the top menu bar, to the left of your name.


4.  To place your order:  click on your cart, review your order, choose a shipping location from the drop down menu located below the "Shipping" line, click "Check Out".  Follow the instructions on the next couple pages to complete your order.  An email confirmation will be sent to you with your order details.  IMPORTANT: Please be sure to follow the instructions on the next 4 pages for your order to correctly complete.  If each step is not completed, your order will not be sent to us.  


PAYMENT:  Payment is due in full at the time of your order delivery.  We can accept cash, check or credit card payments at the time of delivery.  At this point we are not setup to accept online payments.  Please note: If you place any type of meat order, your online invoice will only be a close estimate, due to the varying weights of our meat cuts.  We will provide a final cost invoice at the time of delivery. 

FRIENDLY REMINDERS:  A reminder email will be sent to your inbox every Monday and your order will be delivered the following Wednesday, typically by or before 12pm, to the location you specify during checkout.


If you need additional assistance please contact us.  We look forward to serving you & your family fresh, local meat & produce!

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