Meet Our Team : The Stoltzfus Family

Windy Hill Farms (WHF) was established in 2006 when Lynn & Wendy sold their farmette in Eastern PA and moved to Western PA. WHF is located on 90 acres in Garrett, PA in Somerset County. Throughout their nearly 40 years of marriage, they have enjoyed living a rural lifestyle with their 3 children, Justin, Matthew & Elizabeth. Wendy has always been fond of gardening, canning, freezing and cooking homestyle meals using fresh ingredients from their family garden. Having grown up on a farm himself, Lynn has always enjoyed the farm life, especially working & training Belgian Draft Horses. You will see him in all of his glory driving 2-3 horses through our produce patch prepping the ground for seed or spreading manure on our field across the street.

From left to right: Justin & Krista, Elizabeth & Jason, Jude & Lynn, Wendy & Karalynn, Kristin (baby Sabella was born in March 2019) & Matthew.

Meet Wendy Stoltzfus, in her own words: "One of my favorite things I do for our customers is sharing menu and recipe ideas. In a country where so many are busy with life, we have lost the importance of the family table and thus the ability to cook and create wholesome meals. Good meals start with good ingredients. When you leave this in someone else's hands by eating out a lot you lose control over what you put in your body. Good health starts with good food and good food starts with good ingredients. Sharing this way of living and eating brings me a lot of enjoyment."

The view from our island after Wendy has worked her "magic" making fresh from the garden, homemade spaghetti sauce.

Meet David "Lynn" Stoltzfus, in his own words: "From a very young age… I remember wanting to be a “farmer”. What I enjoy most is working with my hands to help things grow. Whether it is helping a newborn foal stand and nurse for the first time or pulling a calf from a 1st calf heifer, watching the fields green up in spring with new growth, from seed planted in the ground and witnessing the changes in the color thru summer and harvest. Farming is a challenge with many frustrations and rewards. But to be able to sit down at the table for supper and say we grew everything we are eating, is very satisfying."

Lynn is using two of our Belgian Horses to disc the produce garden before seed is planted.

Justin (oldest son to Wendy & Lynn) & Krista were married in 2004 and almost immediately realized their desire for mission work. Only 6 months after saying "I Do" they were headed to Florida for their first stint with Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS). As a couple they helped lead volunteer groups in restoring & rebuilding homes of disaster victims from Hurricane Katrina. After 2 years of traveling the country and serving with MDS, they decided to settle down in Western PA where Justin's parents had just purchased a 90 acre farm...the beginning of Windy Hill Farms. Justin & Krista served as youth group leaders for 6 years at a local church. Finding out they were expecting their first child, they decided to move to the farm in 2014, with a desire to raise their child on a farm setting.

Justin, Karalynn and puppy Lydia heading back to the house after gathering our farm fresh eggs.

Meet Krista: In 2003 Krista obtained a BA degree in Art from Millersville University. Her passion has always been photography and is to capture the beauty of Somerset County, whether in smiling faces or beautiful landscapes and share it with the world. With a love of vegetables & getting her hands dirty, Krista enjoys all things produce (planting, weeding, harvesting, watering). When she is not helping on the farm she is behind the scenes running the marketing side of the farm, as well as her own photography business, Higher Focus Studios.

Meet Justin: Justin is our Operations Manager. He manages & carries out everything from our day to day activities, as well as big picture planning for the farm. When asked what he enjoys most about the farm, this was his response: " Farming from a business stand point is very 'do it yourself'. Farmers not only need to be experts in the fields of growing crops and raising animals but they also have to be amateur economists, marketers and CEO's of tiny little corporations. Systems management has always been extremely interesting to me and on a farm there are ALOT of different systems!"

View of the farm from our hay & corn fields across the street.

Windy Hill Farms is a family run farm located on 90 acres in Somerset County, PA.  We are the first generation farmers in our immediate family.  Our goal is to provide high quality meats & produce that are raised on our farm; allowing you to prepare wholesome meals for your family.​ We believe that eating healthy begins with using fresh ingredients, grown locally and raised sustainably.

  • We do not use any growth hormones on any of our animals.

  • All of our animals live their entire lives on our farm.

  • We do not use antibiotics as part of our standard feeding regimen.

  • We are a "mixed powered" farm.  Blending contemporary agricultural machinery with traditional horse power.

We love seeing new faces at the farm!  Please contact us to schedule your on-farm pickup or if you'll be stopping in to say "hi".

~ The Stoltzfus Family

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